Plan Quality Management Process

Quality is a goal that must be achieved in every project. To achieve this goal, it is also necessary to set some criteria and apply some methods. Here, these quality criteria and quality approaches vary according to the nature of the project and the nature of the targeted output.

For this reason, we need to determine what these quality criteria are, how to manage and control quality with a comprehensive quality management plan. Plan quality management process is conducted to have a thorough guide about how to do it, which criteria will be used and how we will decide if quality requirements are met or not.

You should know that if you do not plan quality correctly, you will not be able to control quality in the following processes. Thanks to the plan quality management process, we can make sure that the customer will be satisfied when he finally has the final product. A quality management plan is created one or more times at predefined points of the project. However, since manage quality and quality control are continuous processes, they must be updated throughout the project's life cycle.

The plan quality management process belongs to the planning process group and quality management knowledge area. The two primary outputs of the process are quality management plan and quality metrics.

What is quality management plan?

A quality management plan is a document that contains the requirements, Quality Standards, quality criteria that a project or product has in terms of quality and describes how the project can achieve quality requirements. It is a subsidiary document of the project management plan. The Quality management plan is used as input in the following processes.

How to create quality management plan?

While creating a quality management plan first of all you need to define the quality perception of the customer. Because in project management, quality is not a worldwide standard approach, contrarily, the features of quality change with the requirements of the customer. Therefore you should meet the quality requirements set by the customer, you should not use your own understanding of quality or you should not force yourself to exceed it dramatically. As part of defining the perception of the customer, you should investigate the performance expectations of the product's functionality.

As the second step, you should define the quality standards and procedures of your organization for this project. Therefore you should define responsibilities. Also, a quality management plan should reflect how to monitor and control quality performance and how to use measurement methods for quality-related data. Therefore quality metrics should be included in the plan for these measurements.

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