Risks Reports

A risk report is a project management document that provides information about overall project risk. an output of the risk identification process, and it is a commonly used project artifact especially as a part of the uncertainty performance domain.

It contains summary information about individual risks, except for general project risk. Risk reports create input to all risk management processes in the risk management knowledge area and provide information for these processes.

It is a common artifact used in;

Along with project performance domains, there are also project management principles that guide project teams to efficiently manage projects and deliver value to the organization at the end. So risk reports are also used while following these principles to deal with complexity or to optimize risk responses.

Basic information that should be included in the Risk Report;

  • Executive Summary
  • Overall Project Risk
  • Singular Project Risk
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Status of Provident Resources
  • Risk audit results

But the risk report may also contain more than this information.

Risk Report is used as input in the following processes:

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