Perform Integrated Change Control

Perform integrated change control is a process in monitoring and controlling knowledge area. Many project management certifications are still based on the traditional project management approach that plans project actions descriptively beforehand. Therefore any change made on the project should be evaluated in the scope of an integrated change control system.

Recently, we have been receiving feedback that there have been a lot of questions about the integrated change control process in the project management exams.  The process of carrying out integrated change control, which is an important part of the monitoring and control process group, is a project management process that deals with the processing of change requests received during the project, in-depth study of these requests, postponement, acceptance, or rejection if necessary. 

In the process of integrated change control, the implementation of approved changes and the management of secondary changes that occur as a result of these applications are also provided. The integrated change control process is implemented under the guidance of the change management plan.

The main benefit of the integrated change control process is to ensure that documented changes are treated holistically within a general perspective and to identify risks that may arise from changes that will be made without taking into account the project's objectives and holistic plans.

It is normal that the facts that occur with the planned points during the project life cycle differ, and for some reason, the project needs a change. The need for changes may arise during the measurement of the project's performance, as well as be put forward by stakeholders or come from other sources. Regardless of the source of the change, it is the responsibility of the project manager to manage the changes throughout the project.

Outputs created at the end of the perform integrated change control process;

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