Resource Management Plan

The resource management plan is a subsidiary plan of the project management plan that provides guidance about how to acquire and allocate resources to project activities and how to monitor and control resources. 

Project Management Principles

We have already given detailed information about the concept of the value delivery system, which we know with the new publication of PMBOK 7, which serves as a guide on examples of good practice in the field of Project Management.

What is the Team Performance Domain in the New PMBOK?

Performance domains is a new concept introduced by the PMBOK 7 instead of knowledge areas similar to the example of process groups and project management principles. The team domain focuses on building high-performing teams, coaching the team effectively, increasing the functioning level, creating collaborative team spaces, and monitoring their performance. In order to achieve the goals of this performance domain, we use some processes and actions as is the case for all other performance domains.

What is the Communications Management Plan? Plan Communications Management Process

All project stakeholders have a number of communication needs and information requirements. Sometimes they can be more timid, closed, or reluctant to do so, while sometimes they make their requirements clear. 

Project Performance Domains

Project Performance domains are one of the new concepts introduced by PMBOK 7 along with value delivery system, project delivery principles, tailoring. Performance domains are a special grouping that serves to group the processes and activities that it contains in its content according to the qualities and characteristic features that will allow it to separate from other processes. These groupings are critical to be performed in order to deliver the project outcomes successfully. 

Control Quality Process

Quality control is a quality management process in which we determine whether quality requirements are met in a product-oriented manner by using statistical tools and techniques and take the necessary actions by following the results we have obtained as a part of the delivery control system.

Value Delivery System in PMBOK 7

What is Value Delivery System?

The value delivery system is a new concept introduced in the standards section of the PMBOK 7 along with project delivery principles. The value delivery system includes portfolio and program management that bring value-increasing efforts to a broader perspective than the project axis. 

Enterprise Environmental Factors

A project is carried out with care, using special facilities and resources, between the beginning and end. However, it is still impossible to keep the project isolated from internal and external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to know what these factors are and use them in the direction that will increase the success of the project. 

Manage Quality Process

In a project, it is necessary to implement good quality management in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders and, most importantly, the customer. For this, we also need a comprehensive quality management plan in which quality metrics, responsible people, methods are determined, and processes are supervised to actively manage quality.

Organizational Process Assets

Organizational process assets are a general expression of internal rules, assets, procedures, and sources of information that can contribute to the success of the project.