Analogous Estimating

The simplest forecasting method in project management by far is analog estimating. Analog estimating is a popular project management method that uses projects that were previously carried out by comparing them with the current project, going over the differences and similarities identified. Quite simple.

Change Log

Change log is a project management document that lists changes made during the project lifecycle. Change log is used to track transactions that involve reviewing, approving or rejecting, checking, and closing changes that will be applied to the project. 

Team Charter

The team charter document is created to define the values of the project team, the facts about the project agreed by the team, and the basic rules for the project.  From the perspective of the project manager, and for the sake of optimal value delivery at the end of the project team charter is one of the most useful documents for managing the project team.

Assumption Log

Assumption logs are project artifacts in which project assumptions and constraints are recorded throughout the project's lifecycle. They are categorized among project logs and registers.

Situational Leadership Models

Situational leadership models are a subgroup of project management models used by professionals deliberately or inherently. Situational leadership models can be used while applying a variety of project management methodologies. They can be categorized under models, methods, and artifacts section.

Project Management Models

Project management models are perspectives that show how things work and how they should be, which can be used in any area of Project Management. According to PMI, a model is "a way of thinking". We have already mentioned them in the models, methods, and artifacts section. 

Models, Methods, and Artifacts

According to PMI, a model is "a way of thinking to explain a process, framework, or phenomenon", a method is "the means for achieving an outcome, output, result, or project deliverable", and an artifact is a template, document, output, or project deliverable. 

Tailoring Process

The adaptation approach is to be able to adjust project processes, project management approach, and project management style according to the conditions obtained, organization structure, environmental factors, and nature of the work to be done. 

Uncertainty Performance Domain

 All projects are conducting within a surrounding environment. This environment has different aspects such as technical, social, political, and economic. Any of this can be a source of uncertainty for a project. 

Measurement Performance Domain

You are implementing the planning, delivery, and execution stages of a project, and everything is going well. Or, is it really going well? Maybe it's not working out and you are not aware of it. Just planning and doing the job is often not enough. Therefore, it is inevitable that a number of measurement and monitoring processes will take place in the projects.