Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate | Cost | Review

If you want to draw your career path in the direction of data analytics, we find it useful to take a look at the google professional certificates we introduced earlier. The first of these certificates is the google data analysis professional certificate program and the other is the newly presented advanced data analytics certificate of this certificate. What we will introduce to you today is the Google business intelligence professional certification program.

Google Business Intelligence Professional Certification Program

This certificate program can be a step forward for those who have completed the Google Data Analysis Certificate program and received the certificate. Ideal for people with equivalent experience in data analysis, even if you don't have a pre-certification. With this program, you can expand your knowledge with practical, hands-on projects using BigQuery, SQL and Tableau. Once you increase your technical and practical skills, you can qualify as a good business intelligence specialist.

Of course, one of the main motivations of everyone is to have a job in a good position after completing the program. Google has a pretty big claim that career training is equivalent to college undergraduate studies. We can't say this is right or wrong yet. Time will show everything. However, after completing this course, you can have the following titles. Business intelligence analyst, business intelligence engineer, business intelligence developer, etc. In addition, since business intelligence is a very niche subject that is the product of newly emerging and developing technology, you can get job offers from companies that even have a good dream.

One of the most unique aspects of this program is that it offers hands on learning. The project you will be involved in under the program will help you simulate real world business intelligence scenarios.

Of course, this program not only offers specialized training and hands on experience. Again, according to the claims of the program creators, 75% of graduates report a positive career outcome such as a new job, promotion or raise within six months of completing the program. Seems too good to be true.


Cost of the program changes. If you want to enroll the course directly, you need to pay 39 dollars per month. And the program is expected to be finished within 3 months. So the final cost will be around 120 dollars. However this may change according to your pace. You other option will be using Coursera Plus. It is an unlimited pass you can use to take courses. If you combine this course with the other courses, you may save a considerable amount.