Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Cost | Review

What is Data Analytics

Today, data analysis has become a very important and sometimes indispensable tool for every organization, large or small. Because now everything is data driven. In recent years data analysts began to extract invaluable insights from large amounts of data by using mathematics, statistical science and studying emerging concepts such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. When this information is used in the right place it returns as value delivery. Organizations use the information obtained from this big data especially when determining their strategic plans or before making important decisions. We can say that those who use it are more successful at least. The importance of data based decision making continues to increase day by day. Because there are new developments beyond what we have mentioned and the needs of the market are getting more complex day by day. The role of data analysts has become more important day by day for this reason. Data science is now an essential component of modern business strategy today. It is likely to become more important by the day.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

If you are interested in data science and want to explore a career in data analytics, we have already mentioned that the Google data analytics professional certificate program will be a great start for you. We have made a detailed review of this certificate program. The program we will introduce now is the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate program. It is the continuation of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program, which is very freshly offered by Google and will help you become more professional as a next step. As the name suggests this is an advanced version.

Who is it for?

If you have basic knowledge of data analytics, have completed google data analytics certification program before and want to go beyond your current location and become even better, we can say that it is suitable for you. Especially for those who took the first of this program, having 2 certificates will look good on their CV.

The program mainly focuses on conducting regression analysis and building machine learning models, as well as applying statistical methods to explore and create data visualizations and communicating insights from data analysis to stakeholders. In order to apply all these capabilities it is necessary to collect a huge amount of data. It is necessary to analyze these data and finally to interpret them as the next step.  The focus in this course is all very critical skills for data analysts.

But is data analytics really a field worth investing in? According to research by Google, there are more than 144,000 vacancies in the advanced data analytics field. We can say that people who perform this profession are paid above the average in addition. If you have expertise in interpreting large data sets and using advanced analytics such as machine learning, predictive modeling, and experimental design, you become more valuable in the industry.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate program, on the other hand, is designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to pursue a career in this field, taking into account this requirement in the market. It provides training in the skills needed to go beyond the beginner's level to specialize and gain advanced knowledge. It offers a valuable credential that can help individuals stand out in a competitive job market.


If you want to enroll only this certificate program it costs 39 dolars per monthly subscription. It is estimated that you can finish the whole course in nearly 6 months. It means the certificate will cost you around 240 dolars. However, if you are seeking to develop your career by taking more courses from Coursera there is one more option. For example if you want to take Google Project Management Certificate together with this one, you may enroll to the Coursera Plus program. It is a pass that provides you access to the most of courses in Coursera. You are paying once, and you can take unlimited courses in every subject. If you take this certificate along with other courses, you may save a great amount. Coursera plus subscription costs 59 dollars per month and 399 dollars per year. Especially if you have one year to develop your skills the one year package is great for you.


The program consists of seven courses. It covers a variety of topics. These are, introduction to data analysis, python, translating data into insights, statistics, regression analysis, machine learning and building a hands on project. The courses are self paced and can be completed in as little as 6 months with 10 hours of your time per week. As you can see from the course intensity, the certificate program is not superficial and focused on making money.  It is almost like a university education.