Change Request In the PMP Exam

What is a change Request? 

Change requests in projects refer to formal proposals to modify project documents, deliverables or baselines. They are submitted to the project sponsor or other stakeholders for review and approval or rejection. It is a part of integrated change control.

In my opinion change requests can be both a blessing and a curse at he same time. They can for sure allow for flexibility and adaptability in a project   they can allow the team to pivot and make adjustments as needed. On the other side they can also cause delays, confusion and this usually means additional work for the team.

How to manage change requests in project management?

Managing change requests in project management can be a tricky task, especially for project manager candidates.  In my opinion the key is to approach them with careful consideration and clear communication. It is a must that change requests should be carefully considered  and evaluated before being implemented. Whatever the conditions are! It's quite important to weigh the potential benefit of the change against the potential risks and drawbacks. As the final move change requests should be communicated clearly to all members of the team.

At the end of the day change is inevitable in any project and the ability to manage it effectively is key. As long as change requests are approached thoughtfully and with clear communication they can be a valuable tool for success.

What is the process for submitting a change request?

Firstly the person who wants to submit the change request needs to document the proposed change and clearly explain why it's necessary. This is the indispensble step. Everything starts with it. Then, the request is usually submitted to the project sponsor or other stakeholders for review and approval or rejection. It's important to provide all relevant information and documentation to support the request  as well as any potential impacts on the project. Once the change request is approved it can be implemented by the project team. However this aproval will not be secured unless it was done after carefully evaluating any potential risks and drawbacks. It's a bit of a process, however it can't be neglected as it's important to manage change requests effectively to ensure the success of the project.

What is the impact of change requests on project scope, cost, and schedule? 

Anytime a change is requested, we should understand that it needs to be evaluated to see how it will affect the project as a whole. As we said before, this is a must! For instance a change to the project scope baseline could mean adding new tasks or requirements many times. These additions mostly would increase the overall cost and schedule of the project. Never forget if a change request is approved it could improve the quality of the project resulting in a better final product in positive conditions and done right.

It's really important to carefully consider any change requests  and weigh the potential impact they could have on the project scope, cost and schedule before making a decision. 

How to communicate change requests to stakeholders and team members? 

Above all it's important to be clear and transparent. There is no need to be a secretkeeper. You should start by documenting the change request and its impact on the project scope, project schedule and budget. Then  you can share this documentation with the stakeholders and team members who will be affected by the change. 

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