Control Resources

By utilizing control resources process, project managers are provided with a reliable method to maximize resource allocation efficiency. This procedure pushes teams to achieve peak performance and surpass their objectives.

To start, necessary data must be gathered on accessible resources and their use. Afterward, the collected data will be evaluated to enhance resource utilization. Lastly, control resources allows project managers to maintain project needs and pinpoint any difficulties rapidly.

This way we will be able to see the physical resources were used in the right place and at the right time. If there is a difference between the original plan and the current status of the project we can apply corrective actions.

Corrective actions can be taken to return the project to its correct path or it can be used to limit the use of resources.  Control resources process only encompasses physical resources. It leaves the handling of human resources to the manage team process within the project lifecycle. Physical resources are not accounted for in the manage team process.

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