Scope Management Plan

A scope management plan is an useful document constructed and developed during the plan scope management process. It describes how and when to define scope and how to develop, monitor, analyse, oversee, and verify the scope.  The plan also reveals how to effectively manage scope changes to the project plan and any possibility of changing the project scope.

It is part of;

To ensure precision, the scope management plan must include the following: Procedures for developing and approving a project scope statement, as well as guidance on how the scope notification statement will be constructed, by whom, which tools and techniques will be utilized and any required approvals. Procedures for creating a work breakdown structure and keeping the integrity of the WBS should also be specified.

Furthermore, the scope management plan should specify activities related with the creation of the scope baseline, the customer's official acceptance of project deliverables, the evaluation and approval of adjustments, and their recording in the change log. Furthermore, the plan should include details on how to create an organizational breakdown structure with the scope management plan, client formal acceptance of project deliveries, procedures for assessing or accepting change requests, and how organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors can influence the scope of the project.