Scope Management Knowledge Area in PMBOK 6

Scope management is a core knowledge area that plays a significant role in the lifetime of every project. Its goal is to define scope and establish the project's limitations in order to provide the customer with exactly what he requires at the best possible value. There is a danger of facing complications while managing projects if effective scope management is not used.

The scope of the project specifies the work that must be accomplished in order to obtain the desired outcomes or deliverables, such as services and products with certain features and functionalities. Product scope, on the other hand, includes the features and functionalities that are employed to achieve the intended results.

The primary goal of scope management is to supply what was originally anticipated in a cost-effective way, rather than going above and beyond. To make this a reality, a variety of procedures must be efficiently performed, all while providing stakeholders with the intended project results or outputs and advantages. Finally, good scope management is critical to project success.

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