Conflict Management in Project Management

Conflict in project management isn’t unusual and doesn’t always mean something has gone terribly wrong. It’s natural to disagree with coworkers from time to time, and different people have different ways of working together, making conflicts seem inevitable at times. 

That being said, it’s crucial that you approach conflict resolution in project management carefully and with the ultimate goal of success in mind. If you simply try to win instead of finding an effective solution, you could end up doing far more damage than good. Avoid common pitfalls by following these tips on conflict management in project management.

Conflict management is a tool in project management which is widely used for team performance domain and for;

Conflict Management Techniques

There are many different types of conflict management techniques. Below are a few that are often used in project management: 


If you've so little on the line in a dispute that no solution will end up benefiting you, you will employ a different approach to avoid interaction. In the event of this withdrawal, abstinence will be the solution.


By following this strategy, the project manager finds areas of agreement, smooths out the situation, and avoids tough conversations. As a result, conflict resolution techniques are also known as accommodating approaches. With this strategy, we can reduce the need for long discussions by dealing with problems swiftly. However, there may be some consequences. You may find yourself in danger of having your leadership position jeopardized by other groups creating an advantage for themselves at your expense.


This conflict management strategy advocates considering a compromise for two conflicting perspectives. The strategy is valuable for when each party has equal power. The project manager may employ this technique when there is a need for a temporary solution, or when both parties have equally significant goals. This solution means that all parties are involved, but nobody is really happy.


This strategy for conflict management includes agreeing with one party's point of view and taking their side in order to end the argument. The team could be demoralized as a result of this win-lose scenario.


In a collaborative conflict resolution strategy, you discuss the issue with all parties and agree on a solution while considering multiple viewpoints.It is also known as win-win technique and the solution satisfies the concerns of both parties. However, it is a time-consuming technique which is not suitable when there is an emergency.