Requirements Traceability Matrix in Project Management

In project management, a requirements traceability matrix is an effective tool for managing and inspecting your project requirements. In contrast, a popular misconception that creates a traceability matrix will be time consuming and costly. This assumption is catastrophic for many projects.

What is the Requirements Traceability Matrix?

A requirements traceability matrix is a document that shows a link between requirements throughout the processes of a project. And for that matter, it is a way to see the relationships between different requirements. As a result of traceability, project managers can ensure that all requirements are being met. Moreover, a requirement traceability matrix can be used in identify risks process to identify potential risks and issues early on. When discrepancies between expectations and results are identified early enough, they can often be resolved before they cause major problems later on in the process.

The requirements traceability matrix is a project artifact, that emerges as a result of the requirements elicitation process. It is very beneficial in define scope process, conduct procurements process, creation of quality management plan and procurement management plan, controlling the scope of the project and validating it.

Requirements traceability matrix is likely to be used in the following project performance domains,

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