Quality Management Knowledge Area

In general, dealing with quality-related issues is generally considered as a part of the delivery performance domain. It is also important for project management to think about building quality into their processes and deliveries.

Quality principle in project management is way more detailed than the project specifications. The specifications are focused on what you're going to deliver at the end of the project and how, while quality focus on how well the thing you're delivering actually performs. There are levels of meeting the quality requirements, and they are used as criteria for assessing if a project is complete. 

In any project, achieving quality at the end is one of the top priorities. In most cases, poor quality in the early stages leads to project failures. For this reason, quality goals, created according to the requirements of all stakeholders, should be at the forefront of any project manager's mind.

Managers of projects have the responsibility of establishing realistic goals and being consistent in their measurements. It is a familiar concept to almost everyone to talk about quality. But; according to project management terminology, quality perception differs a little from what people imagined when they first heard the term. When we understand this difference,  we can better define what quality management is. So, never confuse the quality of an item and its grade.