Control Quality Process in Project Management

Processes should be controlled to guarantee the product meets quality standards and requirements. This can be analyzed by using statistical tools, but in order to make sure that quality remains, preventative measures also need to be applied. One of the ways we are able to keep quality and the customer's experience is to demonstrate that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

The control quality process is conducted according to the way determined in the quality management plan and implementing it makes sure defects in the product are eliminated before the product reaches the customer, causing larger workloads, but ensuring that errors are detected before delivery, and saving time, money, and resources.

Activities like quality control happen in order to discover why certain products do not meet the appropriate quality requirements and potential corrective and preventative measures are put into place to assure that this does not happen again in the future. Any deliveries made within the project are inspected, verified deliveries will be disclosed as the process advances. These verified deliveries are assessed in the validate scope process to secure the customer's satisfaction.

Control quality is an aspect of;

Under PMBOK 7, essential components of the process are outlined in the following project performance domains;