Organizational Breakdown Structure in Project Management

Every project consists of a series of tasks that need to be carried out, as evidenced by the organizational breakdown structure. It reflects the interconnection between relevant tasks for the project and the functional areas of the company, business entity or organization. Hierarchical relationships between organizational units and the project are shown.

It is a good idea to list the project activities or work packages under each department, team or unit in an organizational breakdown structure in order to see how they relate to each other. 

Organizational breakdown structure is categorized among hierarchy chart artifacts. It may be useful in processes related to:

The Organizational Breakdown Structure clarifies what needs to be done, who is accountable, who can manage and who can approve each part of the task. This shows how a project is functionally organized at a glance. 

In order to meet the project's objectives, the organizational breakdown structure is employed in order to maximize organizational efficiency by estimating the capabilities of specific units, teams and technical staff.

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