Decomposition in Project Management

It is easier for project teams to stay organized and productive when large projects are broken down into smaller, more controllable and manageable pieces. To make sure whether project decomposition is suitable for your project, it is better to discuss about its advantages. 

It is easier to eat an apple after cutting it into several eatable pieces. Decomposition in project management is a concept that simplifies complex projects and divides them into simpler parts. That means, this technique can be used to break a project down into several manageable pieces or break a big product into components. When smaller subparts are assigned, they're referred to as "work packages." Larger tasks or objectives are often called "deliverables." It is the primary tool in create wbs process and define activities process; as well.

When taking apart a project, you need to identify how the different aspects are related and create a timeline of the process. When it comes to managing complex projects and collaborating with other team members, project decomposition management can be greatly helpful. Another significant benefit of decomposition is when any mistakes are identified they can be traced back to the component which it originated from.