Delphi Technique in Project Management

The Delphi Technique was created by the RAND Corporation. Their goal was to create means for group decision making. Many organizations used this technique to be able to make decisions on various matters such as development, design, marketing and finances.

It was used to predict the future of technology in the world at first. You know, technology is one of the most tempting things to predict. Then it has been adapted for use in other fields including project management. Its name "delphi" comes from the ancient Greek myth of the Oracle of Delphi. Delphi was a priestess who made prophecies. People were using these prophecies as decision making tools. 

Delphi Technique is likely to be used in planning performance domain in project management. It may be used for scope management, and risk management as well.

The Delphi Technique relies on expert opinions to reach a decision. Participants respond anonymously and confidentially to questionnaires or polls created by a group moderator. Responses are analyzed and compiled before the next round of questioning, allowing each participant to receive feedback on their contribution and adjust as necessary. Though a straightforward technique it can be highly effective when implemented correctly and with relevant participants.

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