Organizational Breakdown Structure

Each project consists of a group of activities that must be performed. Organizational breakdown structure is an artifact that shows the relationship of the units that carry out these activities of the organization that implemented the project with the activities of the project. This notation reveals the relationship of organizational units with the project in a hierarchical order.

Organizational breakdown structure is a good way to see the relationship between existing departments, teams, or units by listing the project activities or work packages under each department, team, or unit in a chart. 

Organizational breakdown structure is categorized among hierarchy chart artifacts. It may be useful in processes related to:

The Organizational Breakdown Structure clearly shows a framework for the identification of responsibility, accountability, management, and approvals of all authorized work scope. At one glimpse, one should see how the project is functionally organized. 

To achieve project objectives, the organizational breakdown structure is used to increase the efficiency of the organization by seeing the availability and capability of units, teams, and technical staff.

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