Control Resources Process

At the end of the process, if there is a significant difference between what is planned and what is happening, requests for changes can be made to get the project back on track or to impose restrictions on resource use in the scope of perform integrated change control process. These change requests may include corrective actions. As a matter of fact, we are basically asking the following question in this process. Were the resources planned with the resource management plan at the right time, in the right place?

The point that you should keep in mind for the PM exams related to the process is that the process of resource control deals only with physical resources and does not examine human resources. Human resources are handled in the process of managing the team in the project life cycle. Similarly, physical resources are excluded in the process of managing the team.

Inputs to the Process

Methods used in this process

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1- Pais 22.01.2022
Acquire resources process and control resources process seems the same to me in terms of pm exams. Can you clarify more about the question types that you think we will come across in the exams?

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