Benchmarking technique is simply a data gathering and analysis method conducted by identifying the best from the industry surrounding your organization and project, or processes performed, services obtained or products produced. The information collected from these sources is adapted to your project in order to improve the processes you perform. Benchmarking is like an acceleration pill to your project.

In PMBOK 7 it is recommended to be used in;

  • Delivery performance domain: In the delivery performance domain it is basically used for requirements elicitation.
  • Measurement Performance Domain: Benchmarking is a very useful method to compare the performance of the project with the best ones in the sector. Especially while measuring the quality-related performance, it can be a useful method of measurement performance domain.

In order to use the benchmarking technique effectively, you must define the process that you aim to improve by benchmarking and know the conditions of your organization and the performance level of your project very well. It is naturally impossible for someone who does not know their level to make comparisons. If they compare it without self-identification, it is inevitable that they will get wrong results and make wrong judgments.

Then, in order to use the benchmarking technique properly the first step should be identifying sectors, organizations, processes, or projects that are involved in your sector or carrying out activities that have characteristics in common with the activities that you conduct in some way. In this way, you can compare the state of your project's processes or any quality with the processes you have set as your goal, and use the data you have obtained to improve your processes and project

Project management processes using benchmarking technique in PMP Exam: