Acquire Resources Process

Acquire resources process is a process to be conducted in the usage of prescriptive development approaches by choosing to apply process groups method and applying necessary tailoring processes. As we like to state at every opportunity, all projects are unique. Therefore, every project should be managed with a different approach that is specific to its nature and characteristics.

For this reason, the objectives, actions, and processes of a project should be tailored studiously. However, in order to alleviate the workload and to accelerate the project schedule, there are also some recommended models, methods and artifacts to be used in the actions and processes related to different performance domains of projects. Using prescriptive processes for projects with a traditional approach is still useful for projects that were carried out with waterfall approach. Acquire resources process is one of them. Process groups and processes are now a method to be used in PMI methodology.

Along with this tailoring approach, since every project also will have different resource requirements, these requirements should be elicited and then acquired according to a resource management plan.

In order for a project to be executed, physical resources and human resources are needed. The necessary resources are elicited by using requirements elicitation methods. The process of acquiring project resources mainly focuses on the acquisition of project human resources and the provision of necessary materials and facilities. The information on how to acquire resources is defined in the resource management plan.

Thanks to the proper performance of this process, the right people contribute to the creation of quality deliveries using the right materials. This process is carried out using the output of resource estimates obtained in the process of estimate activity resources. Since the human resource and material needs of the project are maintained throughout the project, it is unlikely that we will be able to define a certain time interval during which the process is implemented. Especially in agile project requirements elicitation and acquiring them is a continuous process that should be done constantly.

1- Res22 22.01.2022
Acquire resources process or resources elicitation? In other words, is this process simply buying and allocating resources to work packages? Thanks.

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