Manage Project Knowledge Process

In project management, knowledge management is a system for using and sharing the knowledge attained throughout a project for the purpose of achieving the project's objectives and increasing the organization's collective knowledge.

Project management is actually the delivery of value by bringing together the necessary information and then managing, and controlling it. The successful management of project knowledge is key for both producing a worthwhile outcome for clients and for cultivating growth within the organization. 

Project managers must pull together the pertinent data and keep a close watch over it to ensure the highest value is achieved and that the organization can develop and grow. By doing this, they are able to maintain a balance between meeting their objectives and assisting with the expansion of the business. The configuration management plan is used as input to manage knowledge.

When it comes to managing project knowledge, it is important to remember that the process is cyclical. This means that the project manager should not only focus on delivering value and contributing to the organization's learning and growth, but also on using the knowledge gained to create new knowledge. By doing this, the project manager can continue to deliver value and help the organization grow.

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