Project Knowledge Management

There's a lot of talk about knowledge management when it comes to project management, but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell, it's the process of using the knowledge gained, creating new knowledge to achieve the goals of the project, and contributing to corporate learning.

Project management is actually the delivery of value by bringing together the necessary information and then managing, and controlling it. This is where managing project knowledge comes in. it's all about taking that information and turning it into something that makes a real difference to the project.

Managing project knowledge is important for two reasons; first, it helps project managers deliver value and second, it helps the organization learn and grow. When project managers bring together the necessary information, they can manage and control it. This allows them to deliver value to their clients or organizations. In addition, by managing and controlling the information, project managers are able to contribute to the organization's learning and growth. The configuration management plan is used as an input to manage knowledge.

When it comes to managing project knowledge, it is important to remember that the process is cyclical. This means that the project manager should not only focus on delivering value and contributing to the organization's learning and growth, but also on using the knowledge gained to create new knowledge. By doing this, the project manager can continue to deliver value and help the organization grow.

There is no specific time frame during which this process is implemented. It is applied continuously throughout the project. Both in agile and predictive development approaches.

In a new project being carried out, it is recommended and necessary to use the knowledge gained from previous projects. Similarly, projects that will be done after you can learn something from yours. However, one should not think that this process only consists of documentation of the lessons learned repository or lessons learned register.

The flow of information is the point that should be focused on in the process of managing knowledge. In fact, the most important part of this process is to create an environment where people trust each other and share the knowledge they have by learning from each other, therefore, creating new information.

The main benefit of the project knowledge management process is to use the knowledge that your organization has previously obtained and to create project outputs or make improvements. The knowledge gained within the scope of the project is used in other operations of your organization.

Output created in manage project knowledge process is;

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