Effectively Engaging with Stakeholders

Effectively engaging with stakeholders is a project management principle to be taken into account during project management endeavors. Stakeholders may show up both as a project management principle to be followed as a guide or as a performance domain to be focused on as a group of content. That is because we both need guidance and a special focus on stakeholder engagement in project management endeavors as it is a very important topic to be able to add value at the end of the project. Since stakeholders have influence over the performance, accordingly outcomes of the project, the efficient engagement of stakeholders have positive effects on value delivery. Stakeholder engagement is considered one of the project aspects to be tailored through the project.

All stakeholders should be identified as early as possible at any project. This stakeholder identification usually starts in the initiating phase of projects and is continuously carried out during the project's life. According to the results of this identification, the desired engagement level of all stakeholders is determined and especially stakeholders, who are resistant to the achievement of the objectives of projects, who have a negative view of the project, or stakeholders that have a high influence on the project should be managed closely and engaged into the project by seriously being interested with their concerns and opinions.

Different aspects of stakeholder engagement are focused on ;

Stakeholder engagement is actually a process in which the stakeholder engagement plan is implemented. Therefore, it does not differ in content from the process of plan stakeholder engagement. The main goal of both processes is to increase the probability of success of the project by increasing the involvement of stakeholders in the project. In doing so, it is necessary to manage conflicts in which stakeholders will be involved, to prevent personal issues from negatively affecting the project, and to provide an environment that will maximize stakeholder participation.

The following documents need to be updated during the process of engagement with stakeholders. These are;

Of course, you may come across a variety of different conditions and you may need to update almost all project management artifacts as a result. These are just the basic ones.