Project Management Plan - How to Create

As a project manager, it is important to have a comprehensive project management plan in place. This document describes how you will achieve realistic measurements, monitor and control the project, as well as manage and close it successfully. The project management plan contains all the sub-plans and baselines you need to effectively manage each component of the project. It is an important project artifact, and should be updated regularly as the project progresses.

A project management plan can be either summary-oriented or detail-oriented. The preliminary fact that it has summary content suggests that it will be elaborated over time, as assumptions about the project become clearer.

Creating a project management plan is an ongoing process that should be revisited on a regular basis. The plan should be developed, improved, and checked using a variety of tools and resources, and it should be updated as new information becomes available. When all the work is complete, the final project management plan will be a product of the other processes it was fed.

Regardless of the situation, the project management plan must always include approved baselines. A project management plan is always a document that needs to be approved. The people who will approve this document can be the Project Manager, Project Sponsor, functional manager, or project team. Contrary to popular belief, senior management and the customer are not among the people who will approve the project management plan.

The subsidiary plans and other components of the project management plan are as follow;

The key outcome of the planning process group, in the traditional approach, was the project management plan. This plan would then create input to the execution, measurement, monitoring and controlling, and closing process groups. The process of developing a project management plan is conducted in the planning process group and integration management knowledge area.

Develop Project Management Plan Process

Project management planning is not a one-time event. The creation of a project management plan requires assembling multiple documents, called management plans. Management plans are extremely important for any project to be successful. There is a management plan for each knowledge area.  After we have completed the initiating process group, we will need to work on creating a project management plan. To do this, we need to have a clear understanding of timelines, resources, costs, and other details.

When developing a project management plan, the project manager should take the time to estimate in detail the steps that need to be taken within the project and the processes that need to be put into place. By doing this, the project manager can ensure that all aspects of the project management process are well-thought out, including how best to manage and control the project. A project manager cannot delegate the responsibility to create a proper and realistic project management plan as is the case for all integration processes.

Also, baselines are included in the Project Management plan, as a result, a project management plan is used for tracking the progress of the project. In order to be able to create an efficient project management plan, a project manager should first identify and make close contact with stakeholders. Any feedback from stakeholders about how the processes will be tailored will be of invaluable importance. Well-defined deliverables, clear and prioritized goals will be the guide to be successful.

Inputs of Project Management Plan Creation