Integration Management Knowledge Area

As a project manager, it's important to have a strong understanding of the Integration Management knowledge area. This includes being able to coordinate and integrate processes belonging to different knowledge areas or process groups throughout the project's lifecycle.

The main goal of Integration Management is to ensure that all aspects of the project are working together effectively and that all stakeholders are kept in sync. By understanding and implementing the principles of Integration Management, project managers can help ensure that their projects are successful and on track.

In order for a large number of different activities and processes to be carried out together, parts of project management must be combined, consolidated, and integrated with each other. This effort to bring together and create a whole is called project integration management in all of the project management methodologies.

This knowledge area is focused on ensuring that all of the different parts of the project are brought together and work together as efficiently as possible. This is done by creating a project management plan that covers all aspects of the project, and then monitoring and controlling the project to make sure that it stays on track.

This integration is actually the primary role of the project manager in a project. Therefore we may claim that integration management is a matter of existence for the project manager. It is the project manager's responsibility to bring together all parts of the project and to create a project performing like a newly lubricated machine. 

Processes in Integration Management:

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