Resource Management Knowledge Area

The resource management knowledge area covers both human resources and physical resources. Knowledge areas are now replaced by the project performance domains, processes are is still there to get prescriptive information.

The human resources part of resource management basically consists of well-known management and leadership theories and applications with a form adapted into project management. 

In resource management knowledge area, resources refer to more than just human resources. It also includes the materials, equipment supplies, and anything else needed to complete the project. Resource management in PM Exams is an important knowledge area among the project management concepts as it deals with mainly the resourcing part of a project requirement. In PM exams, you may come across questions about concepts that are part of resource management knowledge area such as leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, and project roles. To be successful in PM exams, our recommendation is to read about motivation theories, leadership styles, and forms of power. Additionally, be prepared for questions about Herzberg's Hygiene Theory, Tuckman's Team Development model, or Maslow's Hierarchy. However; we are quite sure that you can answer any questions about resource management by using only common sense in the PM exams.

The resource management knowledge area also includes the processes to obtain, develop and manage the project team. Therefore, creating rewards and recognition is an important resource management function. The human resources part of resource management is quite related to common management theories approaches acknowledged worldwide. While physical resources are needed to be managed closely and carefully, leading human resources is incomparably sensitive work to do. In order to be successful in terms of resource management, a project manager needs to define the roles and responsibilities of human resources and show effective leadership.

The project manager is responsible for improving the competencies of the team members. As a result, they will be able to perform the work on the project more effectively. 

The Six Processes in Resource Management Knowledge Area

Therefore in PM Exams, you may see so many simulated questions from this area that are created based on imaginary situations. In order to ace pm exams, you should be aware of roles and responsibilities, leadership styles, forms of power and motivational theories.

Along with human resources, a project manager should also manage and control physical resources. In the resource management knowledge area, while develop team, manage team processes are taking human resources into consideration, control resources process is fully about physical resources.  Managing resources are considered as part of;

Therefore we can determine two categories for resource management knowledge area. 

  • Identifying and managing physical resources, 
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of everyone who takes place in the project.