Initiating Process Group

All projects are started by going through a number of stages and using a number of processes. These processes form a basis for the planning and execution phases of the project. In the initiating process group, we are going to discuss which processes and actions are necessary in order to give the project a healthy start. The initiating process group can be characterized as preparation for planning and execution processes and meeting the basic needs of the project at the initial stage. To be successful in PM exams, we have to understand the essence of initiating very well. Initiating process group is the first of 5 pm process groups.

According to the PMBOK there are two initiating processes which are:

In the scope of initiating process group, the initial scope of the project is defined, necessary funds for conducting the project are determined and stakeholders are identified. As a result of this endeavor, common success criteria are developed with stakeholders, teams, and organizations. In this process group, the project is formally started, and necessary authority is given to an appointed project manager. By defining and evaluating stakeholders, the chances to complete the project successfully increases.

Any project which was not initiated appropriately is destined to fail. Lack of a proper initiation generally leads,

  • Lack of alignment with organizational business strategies.
  • Lack of internal recognition of project objectives,
  • Lack of customer support
  • Lack of common goals,
  • Wrong assumptions.
Also in initiating process group, it becomes obvious if the project is worth the endeavor or not. If otherwise, the project manager is responsible to terminate the project when necessary. Earlier termination is better for a harmful or inefficient project.
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Initiating process group seems to be easy and its scope is underestimated sometimes. However, when you go into the details you will figure out that it is a condensed version of all of the project. The outputs of initiating process group are used in many following planning and execution processes.